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Any excuse to play The Who...

Deserves a fuckin' ten in my book. :)

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:


Hit and miss

It didn't really capture the "magic" of the first installment, but it was still entertaining nonetheless. While most of the skits had some comical value (I liked Pierre and David's part the best,) others were just plain pointless. As much as I love John & Richie, did we really need 3 minutes of naked human-shaped Pokemon? No thanks. Though it was good to see Legendary Frog alive and well.

All in all, it was a satisfying treat for fans who crave for more video game parodies.

A beautiful end to a magnificent series.

Words cannot express how truly overwhelming and breathtaking this series has been. Each installment was just improvement over improvement, in both terms of animation quality and storytelling. I was a fan since the beginning and simply couldn't get enough of it. It had a unique charm that's almost irresistible to those who have passion and understanding. You have many many fans who deeply appreciate this beloved series, and while we're sad to see it go, you know the saying. "All good things must come to an end."

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe......we'll get to see a little "extra step." :)

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Excellent, well produced.

I gotta say this was an amazing piece of work you created; Especially for someone your age. I can just tell from the surface that a lot of work went into this project, and in the end it paid off. I'm a very big fan of the Rogue Squadron series and it's nice to see a flash game that can capture the same magic I had all those years ago.

Keep up the great work. Hope to see more games from you in the future. :)


This, this right here is a perfect example of the kind of material I expect in a flash game; a simple, easy, addictive game with a humorous effect. Great job guys, you really outdone yourselves. What I appreciated most were the intros. Not only the totally kick ass NG intro with Tom clearly using steroids, but the entire K-Fed scene with the completely stereotypical black man. You guys really know how to make people laugh. Well, I better wrap up this little review. I’m still hooked on playing this game for another hour.

This game get an A+ from me.

Mr. Glaiel, you’ve done it again!

Your games are always the best. Not because they’re fun and addictive, it's because they're always so damn stylish! This is definitely one of the better Pico Day games. I was playing for a good hour before I quit. I had to vote on other Pico Day submissions, you know! Keep up the great work. I look forward to your next game.

Happy Pico Day! ^_^

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